Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters


TDSM - Hand held TDS meter
Hand held TDS meter, Digital Dispaly
Cold Water Softener Mounted Bypass

This GMAutoflow bypass allows you to isolate the cold water softener whilst retaining supply to the equipment.

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AF808 - Yes/No Water Hardness Test Kit
 AF808 - A simple yes/no hardness test kit. Just put a drop into a water sample and note the colour change. Will do in the region of 200 tests.

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AF809 - Dropper Water Hardness Test Kit
Code AF809 - Dropper hardness test kit. This test kit allows you to measure the actual softness to give a far more accurate test result. Very simple to use, will give in the region of 100 tests.
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AF810 - Colour Change Tablets Water Hardness Test Kit
Code AF810 - Simple to use colour change tablets - will do up to to 250 tests
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