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AF110 - HW500 Non Electric Softener

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AF110 - HW500 Non Electric Softener
Ideal for heavy usage dishwashers or multiple items from a single softened feed.   
>Suitable for properties with multiple bathrooms on a direct water system. 

>> Compact design (size: 250W x 485H x 440D mm). 

>> Small enough to be installed under a kitchen worktop. 

>> Includes salt storage tank (size: 250W x 390H x 440D mm). 

>>  A full range of installation kits available to suit all pipework.     

>> High quality British design and manufacture.

>> We offer an unbeatable 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Homewater 500 Water Softener

>> Removes limescale and water marks.
>> Saves you money by keeping your water system scale free.
>> Actively removes existing scale build-up from your water system.
>> As easy to install as a washing machine.
>> Should be fitted as close as possible to the incoming cold water supply.
>> High quality British design and manufacture.
>> No power supply required (meter controlled).
>> Always use standard water softener salt.
>> Water pressure: 1-8 bar.
>> Flow rate: 10 to 80 l/min.
>> Inlet: " bsp male + 1" adaptor.
>> Outlet: " bsp male + 1" adaptor.
>> Salt storage capacity: 15kg.
>> WRAS Approved.



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