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Calcium Treatment Unit - Combi Ovens

Protection for Combi Ovens and other catering equipment

Calcium treatment units (CTUs) assist in the removal of chlorine, limescale, heavy metals - lead, copper, mercury & prolongs equipment life.
Even in areas of 'soft water' fitting a water treatment filter or calcium treatment unit is the only way to ensure that the water in your combi is scale free. Water treatment assures food grade standard of potable water. 

As restaurants demand outstanding quality from both the food that is produced and the equipment that produces it, maintaining equipment by keeping top quality water is essential in today's foodservice market.

Most food preparation methods, such as steaming and regeneration, involve steam, which obviously relies upon water.

Untreated, equipment such as Combi Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Bratt Pans, Boilers and Bakery Ovens will suffer from a build and up of lime scale or potential corrosion caused by chlorides on boilers, attacking the elements and sensors in oven chambers, leading to expensive break-downs and unwanted kitchen down-time.

Main advantages
CTU Range

  • Designed to reduce limescale & improve the taste of incoming feed water.

  • The new system doesn't mix carbon with the resin, so regeneration becomes possible with positive results for the environment.

  • The carbon is located in the riser tube, which is the best place for polishing the water, giving maximum taste reduction.

  • The vessels use regenerated resin, which has a higher exchange capacity than new resin, so it will give maximum service time.

  • Fitted with " NRV male fitting on the inlet/outlet.

We offer a wide range of C.T.U's to meet requirements

Of the systems available, Calcium Treatment offers the best protection against scale for heavy gauge installations, sizes range from 3,300 litres to 20,000 litres. Larger, bespoke units can be supplied to suit your needs.

Whether you use a single unit per annum, or several hundred, we can provide the most cost effective equipment with service second to none.

Our standard units are listed below:





Size 1



3,300 litres

Size 2



7,000 litres

Size 2a



11,000 litres

Size 3



14,000 litres

Size 3a



20,000 litres

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