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Duplex 20-litre Commercial Water Softener

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Duplex 20-litre Commercial Water Softener

20-Litre Duplex Water Softener

This 20-litre Commercial Water Softener is a twin vessel system. As with the simplex system, when the programmed volume has been reached the vessel that is exhausted goes immediately into regeneration. The vessel that was in stand by automatically goes into service thus ensuring 24/7 soft water production.

Typical applications are Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes and where the anticipated usage is not accurate or may well increase during seasonal operations.

20-litre Metered Duplex Water Softener Specification:

 Resin Volume
 Vessel  8x35"
 Flow  0.8
 Capacity  @ 300ppm
 Valve Type
Salt (kg)
Brine Tank Volume
 35 L
Brine Tank Width (B2)
 320 mm
Brine Tank Height
 440 mm
Vessel Width (B1)
 220 mm
Vessel Height (H1)
 904 mm


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