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SITA Air Disinfection

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SITA Air Disinfection
Air Disinfection 

Italian SITA have been designing and manufacturing UV systems for industrial and commercial applications for over 30 years. 

SITA conducted an experiment on the air/environment treatment in the food field, they put UV systems to the test when they installed the Sitair 1/40S, a bowl UV system in a meat storage refrigeration room.

The SITAIR UV 1/40S systems are composed by stainless steel ceiling bowls (supplied with a surface in anodized aluminium with a high reflective power) and
shatterproof ultraviolet lamps. The treatment works by exploiting the circulation of the air forced by the fan of the conditioner which, being radiated by the UV light, is decontaminated before that it comes to contact with the meat.

Test Results

The samples which underwent the test have been analyzed on two fronts: the organoleptic and the analytic one.

The tests were carried out in two phases: first some naturally aged samples were monitored (without SITAIR system) for 11 days; afterwards other samples were given a UV treatment constituted by 5 hours a day cycles of switching on of the lamp for a total time of 11 days.

From the organoleptic point of view the parts without any treatment after 11 days had an altered colour, an evident smelling component and very viscous to the touch.
After 11 days the parts which underwent the UV radiation had no odour were drier and  had a much less gelatinous surface.

The comparison between the two in the analytical tests carried out by a qualified laboratory has shown a substantial difference in the bacterial content of the meat.


The results achieved have shown a better shelf-life of the product which underwent UV radiation.
The use of a SITAIR UV 1/40S system in a ventilated refrigerating room is able to ensure a good shelf of the raw material with the increasing of the storage time, a parameter of a great importance for the processing and marketing of fresh
sausages and other transformed products.

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