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Sterilight Platinum UV Replacement Bulbs, Lamps, Quartz Sleeves and Ballasts.

All replacement parts are genuine Sterilight / Viqua products.

We stock replacement parts and controllers for all other R-Can / Viqua models.
Viqua Sterilight Platinum UV Lamps & Bulbs
Viqua's Sterilight's Platinum series, Platinum HW (hot water) series and the new Cobalt series all use the Sterilume-HO (high output) lamps. 
These lamps feature an advanced proprietary coating allowing for consistent UV output over the entire life of the lamp, which is one year or 9000 hours. These high output lamps have a uniform temperature distribution allowing for consistent UV output at critical applications such as cold water and consistent flow conditions. They also offer more UV energy in a smaller, more compact space. 
All Sterilight UV lamps have a full one-year warranty.
£ 82.50
Viqua Sterilight Platinum Quartz Sleeve
All UV systems include a quartz sleeve, which surrounds the lamp. The quartz sleeve provides thermal protection for the UV lamp and protects it from possible water damage. The quartz material used in Viqua's / R-Can's quartz sleeves are a 100% fused silica which lend to the sleeve's high transmittance. A high transmittance is important as the Sterilight UV light must travel through the sleeve to get to the water. There are a variety of quartz sleeve designs, depending on the system that they are being used in. All prices are plus V.A.T. and delivery. 
£ 44.50
Viqua Sterilight Platinum Ballast Unit
Sterilight BA-ICE-S controller is the power supply for Sterilight Platinum Series UV systems. SPC-ICE-HO Controller is compatible with Platinum series SPV and SP models 110-250v 
£ 379.00