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Sterilight Silver UV Replacement Bulbs, Lamps, Quartz Sleeves and Ballasts.

All replacement parts are genuine Sterilight / Viqua products.

We stock replacement parts and controllers for all other R-Can / Viqua models.
Viqua Sterilight Silver U.V Lamp - S287RL - AFS1QL
The Viqua Sterilight Silver traditional UV systems use the Sterilume-EX UV lamps. These lamps are a low pressure, regular intensity mercury vapour lamp. They utilize 425 mA of current to fire at a 254nm wavelength of light. At a wavelength of 254nm microorganisms are inactivated, therefore the water becomes disinfected.
UV lamps have a proprietary stepped 4 pin configuration which couples with the ballast connector.
The Sterilight UV lamps hold a one year warranty.  
All prices are plus V.A.T and delivery.

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Viqua Sterilight Silver S12QS / QS012 Quartz Sleeve
All UV systems include a quartz sleeve, which surrounds the lamp. The quartz sleeve provides thermal protection for the UV lamp and protects it from possible water damage. The quartz material used in Viqua's / R-Can's quartz sleeves are a 100% fused silica which lend to the sleeve's high transmittance. A high transmittance is important as the Sterilight UV light must travel through the sleeve to get to the water. There are a variety of quartz sleeve designs, depending on the system that they are being used in.
All prices are plus V.A.T. and delivery.

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Viqua Sterilight Silver Ballast Unit
Sterilight BA-ICE-S controller is the power supply for Sterilight Silver Series UV systems. BA-ICE-S is compatible with Silver series models that do not have a UV monitor. It has an audible lamp failure alert, lamp replacement reminder, and visual power indicator. 
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