Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters


We offer a large range of automatic water softeners designed to operate to a maximum temperature of 50C. 

We can supply the units in robust cabinets (CW series) or at no extra cost with a separate brine Tank (DDCW series), which allows for easier cleaning and filling with salt.

The DDCW series has a separate salt tank which measures 340mm dia. X 620mm high. The vessels have a diameter  of 200mm and the hight is as for the CW series.

Mini Automatic Cold Water Softener AF101
£ 289.00
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Small Automatic Cold Water Softener AF102
Our Small Automatic Cold Water Softener suitable for front loading & pass-through dishwashers.

Capacity between regenerations 1900 litres.

£ 299.00
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Medium Automatic Cold Water Softener AF103
Suitable for high usage dishwashers & small flight machines.

Capacity of 2800 litres.
£ 329.00
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Large  Automatic  Cold Water Softener    AF104

Suitable for multiple machines & flight dishwashers.

Capacity of 3667 litres.
£ 415.00
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Extra Large  Automatic Cold Water Softener AF105
Suitable for multiple machines or whole kitchen feeds.

Capacity of 5800 litres.
£ 570.00
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