Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters

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This kit includes all of the fittings that you need to install a water softener on a 28mm direct or indirect system.

28mm (1") Full Bore Installation Kit, including:

2 x 28mm Compression Tees
3 x 28mm Lever valves
2 x 25mm bore x 800mm long Stainless Steel hoses - WRAS Approved 
2 x Meters of Drain Line
1 x Jubiliee Clip
1 x Water Test Kit

Why choose a Stainless Steel hose?

The weak links in filtration are the connections

It cannot be said too often, there is no point in buying high quality water filtration, purification or softening equipment if it is not connected to the supply and discharge of liquids with poor quality parts. In this sense, in the water purification chain, the fittings and their accessories are the weak links in the system. All the fittings and spare parts in general we offer have been successfully tested by us and are recommended by the manufacturers of the purification and disinfection systems we sell online. When you purchase them, you are guaranteed to use your filtration system to its fullest capacity, in compliance with the manufacturer's standards and with total respect for the environment.

There are several criteria that must be met

The connection systems, stainless steel hoses, must be of impeccable professional manufacturing quality. When itis a question of conveying water that will become drinkable, the tolerance of the connection is below one millimetre. The seals must also be made of materials approved for this type of use and have a known service life in relation to that of the connecting hoses. Any water purification system requires the use of at least 2 stainless steel hoses. One is for the supply of the water to be treated and the other for the discharge of the drinking water into the distribution system. We offer you partial kits consisting only of the hoses or the connection nozzles. We also have complete kits that include the fittings necessary to control the flow of liquid as well as the "T" connectors that link the treatment cartridges.

Stainless Steel Hose for all types of installations


GMAutoflow offers you partial or complete kits according to 3 connection standards and 2 lengths of stainless steel hoses. We have kits for 15 mm, 22 mm and 28 mm installations. These differences in connection sizes depend on the flow rates to which your water treatment system is subjected. As for the length of the hoses, we offer them in800 millimetres or 1000 millimetres. We only sell them in pairs because it is essential to replace them in pairs when the need arises. It becomes easier to trace back the date you installed the new fitting. This is also the best way to guarantee the best hygiene level for your water filtration system. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult our specialists by e-mail or by phone to remove any doubts you may have about the maintenance of your installation.

28mm (1") Full Bore Installation Kit 800mm Hoses - WRAS APPROVED

GM Autoflow
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