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Replacement UV Lamps, Sleeves and Spares for Water Disinfection

A functional system needs regular maintenance

For your water filtration system to be really efficient, it must be kept in the best possible working condition. This means, first and foremost, rigorous maintenance of all moving parts and regular cleaning of the fixed parts. Of course, as with any liquid filtration and purification system, your equipment has spare parts that must be replaced as soon as they fail. This is particularly the case for ultraviolet lamps and filters. Ultraviolet lamps remove bacteria from liquids and filters prevent impurities from entering the clean water. Water filtration systems also have moving parts that can be damaged in use or even broken if handled too frequently and roughly. In order to ensure that the entire system functions properly, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Only original UV spare parts guarantee the potability of the water

Replacement of spare parts, UV lamps, filters and all other elements of your filter system with components not recommended by the manufacturer should be avoided at all costs. These systems, which must ensure real hygiene, are designed with manufacturing tolerances of less than a millimetre. They also work with spare parts made of materials that will not contaminate, in the long run, the liquids that are in contact with them. For this reason, the recommendations of the filtration system manufacturers must be strictly adhered to. If this is not the case, the proper functioning of other filters or your water softener will not be guaranteed. Even the most crudely made parts by unscrupulous imitators can lead to certain health hazards. When it comes to health, it is dangerous to use spare parts of dubious origin. They must be perfectly suitable for the purpose for which they are intended. To be sure, only use those supplied directly by the manufacturer of your filtration system.

GMAutoflow offers you original UV spare parts for all the major brands

If you need to replace any of the spare parts of your filtration system, replace a defective ultraviolet lamp or change your filters, do not hesitate to call on our specialists. You can contact them by phone or e-mail to find out which part you need for the filter model(s) you require. We can supply you with ultraviolet lamps, filters and spare parts for water disinfection from the leading brands as quickly as possible. This is especially true for the most popular brands such as Viqua, Sita UV and Cintropur. By using our services you will benefit from our loyalty programme, fast worldwide shipping, secure payment methods and a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the parts shipped.

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