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Simplex Metered Water Softeners 

GMAutoflow are specialists in Water softening equipment for commercial and industrial use, supplying equipment from a wide range of manufacturers tailored to meet your needs. We currently supply to a wide range of industries and sectors in the U.K and worldwide.
GMAutoflow can supply numerous types of industrial water softeners in either Simplex or  Duplex configurations. We design and build our systems using tested manufacturers, either "Fleck" or "Clack", although we can supply others if the system requires something different. 

The Simplex is a single vessel system that is supplied with a meter controlled valve  which means that the unit only regenerates based upon the volume of soft water used.
Typical applications are where the usage per day has been  estimated and does not vary hugely. 
These units are ideal where 24-hour soft water is not required.
For larger units - please contact us.  
Simplex metered water softener

Clack WS1 Metered Water Softener

Clack WS1.25 Metered Water Softener

Clack WS1.5 Metered Water Softener

Clack WS2 Metered Water Softener

Prices from 419.00

Flow Rates from
0.8 m3/hr to 5.0 m3/hr
1" connections
Prices from 685.00
Flow Rates from
3 m3/hr to 7.7 m3/hr
1.25" connections
Prices from 1449.00

Flow Rates from
5 m3/hr to 13.5 m3/hr
1.5" connections
Prices from 2799.00

Flow Rates from
  10 m3/HR  to 26 m3/hr
2" connections