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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems


The Reverse Osmosis Filter System: the best device on the market! 

The reverse osmosis water purification process is by far the most efficient treatment available today. It is so efficient that it is now used in the latest generation of desalination plants that transform sea water into drinking water. It is in fact a very fine filtering solution that allows only the water molecules to pass. This is why reverse osmosis filtration is recommended when it is necessary to produce very pure water, for example to feed livestock. No contamination can then be caused by the absorption of treated water by animals or humans. In fact, the process relies on a very simple system of balancing the fluids on either side of the filter while increasing the pressure of the water on one side. Naturally, when a liquid with impurities is distributed in 2 communicating compartments through a filter, the impure water solution will tend to diffuse equally on each side of the filter. By simply increasing the osmotic pressure in one of the compartments the pure water remains on one side and the less pure water on the other.

The Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for Optimal Water Quality! 

Why should I use a Reverse Osmosis water filter? 

Reverse Osmosis machines are made up of cartridges. The first is a sediment filter with a pore size of 5 to 10 microns. It is used to retain solid impurities. The second cartridge is an activated carbon filter which neutralises any chlorine present in the filtered water. These two cartridges must be replaced regularly, otherwise the efficiency of the pure water production will be reduced and the porous membrane will be worn out. The third cartridge is the one equipped with the porous membrane that allows the osmotic pressure to be applied. It is very important to maintain the whole device, especially when the water to be filtered is hard. If necessary, a water softener can be installed upstream of the reverse osmosis system. If the local water pressure is not high enough, it is also recommended to install a pump that will provide a high and regular flow.

Multiple uses of a complex equipment

The reverse osmosis process can be used in horticulture, to produce demineralised or pure water for the pharmaceutical industry and even for the semiconductor industry. In the food industry it is used to concentrate sugar from cane, beet or maple. The reverse osmosis system is also used to concentrate milk and even to purify the water that lowers the alcohol content of whisky before bottling. The Pallas models we offer are suitable for domestic use. The Horeca models are more suitable for use in an industrial environment. Given the quality of these products, their price is amply justified.

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