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Private Water Supply

Our experience in dealing with Private Water Systems means we have the knowledge to be able to offer solutions to what often can seem to be the most difficult of situations.
There are three main types of private water supply in the U.K. each offering a range of problems that require treatment. They are:

Wells most wells are aquifier-fed where water is provided from a relatively shallow underground source.

Springs or streams this type of system is usually the simplest and consists in the main of a protected collecting chamber into which feed water is diverted before being delivered to a storage tank within the property.

Boreholes Boreholes extract water from deeper levels than other sources. Using a rigid tube of 4 or 6 reaching down to the supply and a submersible pump at the base, they can operate in depth in excess of 150 feet

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Iron can often be detected visibly in water or by staining on plumbing fixtures.