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GM/Autoflow have become one of the leading suppliers of Calcium Treatment Units (CTU’s). These units are increasingly popular for steam raising catering equipment such as:- Combination Ovens, Espresso Machines, Ice machines etc.


Calcium Treatment Unit Size 1, Capacity of 3,300 litres approx, 
(170mm dia, 400mm high), 2 port connection head. Code AF301.

High quality water treatment for your Beverage/Vending Machines and Steam Ovens, our Calcium Treatment Units (CTUs) consist of a top quality resin vessel containing a de-alk resin which assist in the removal of chlorine, limescale, heavy metals - lead, copper, mercury & prolongs equipment and and reduces equipment breakdown frequency. The units also contain activated carbon for removal of taste and odours that often affect beverage equipment results.

The media within the vessel will need exchanging once its capacity has been exhausted. To prevent unnecessary changes all units can be supplied with a water usage meter and connection hoses.

Please use the drop down to choose the required size CTU:

£ 179.00
Brita Purity Exchange Cartridges 450
Genuine Exchange Cartridge
£ 89.00
Buy your own replacement CTU Resin to save time and money!
Other sizes available. 

This Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU) replacement resin pack Size 1 or 5 litres. 

All sizes available and it takes about half an hour to do. All resin replacement packs come with full instructions.

These replacement Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU) resin packs are ready mixed in the appropriate amount of resin & carbon media.

This offers you a very cost effective way of replacing exhausted CTU’s and allows you the flexibility of a quick turnaround either in the workshop or on site.

If required we can send the appropriate amount of resin and exchange instructions direct to the site and the CTU can be exchanged easily by your customer

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