Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters


If you have a Private Water Supply such as a borehole, spring or stream or borhole supply, and are looking for a water treatment solution with expert advice, then look no further.

Our experience in dealing with Private Water Systems means we have the knowledge to be able to offer solutions to what often can seem to be the most difficult of situations.
There are three main types of private water supply in the U.K. each offering a range of problems that require treatment. They are: 
Wells - most wells are aquifer-fed where water is provided from a relatively shallow underground source. We supply a variety of well water filters.
Springs or streams – this type of system is usually the simplest and consists in the main of a protected collecting chamber into which feed water is diverted before being delivered to a storage tank within the property. We supply a wide range of spring and stream water filters.

Boreholes - Boreholes extract water from deeper levels than other sources. Using a rigid tube of 4” or 6” reaching down to the supply and a submersible pump at the base, they can operate in depth in excess of 150 feet. We supply a wide range of borehole treatment filters.
We supply a range of borehole filters, well water filters, iron water filters, acid water filters and many other media filter units to remove or reduce iron, manganese, aluminium, suspended solid, colour, odour and pH correction.
Private water treatment
In order for us to be able to offer a guaranteed result we will require a water analysis, details of application and pipe sizes and/or flow rates.
The treatments required often include:
Turbidity reduction – sediment , sand, etc
Organics and colour removal
Bacteria, viruses – e-coli, coliforms, etc
Re-oxygentating – for removal of carbon dioxide (CO˛) and hydrogen sulphide (H˛SOł)
PH correction
Hardness reduction – normally where water is derived from chalky areas
Iron and manganese reduction
Nitrate reduction – common in heavy agricultural areas
Whilst this may seem a long list (not all will usually apply) we can offer multi-media units to solve a number of problems within one unit.
As it is often the case that these units are installed in remote areas, we encourage our customers to install the units themselves and supply larger units in kit form with full instructions. However, we would be pleased to quote for installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance.
pH Correction
Ph correction
Iron Reduction
Iron reduction
Nitrate Reduction
Nitrate reduction
Aerator Systems
Aerator systems
Cabinet Systems
Cabinet systems
Crystal Right Media
Crystal Right Media
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