Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters

Cabinet Systems 

Any water treatment unit system can be custom built into a cabinet.
We recently custom built a unit for one of the Municipal Water Companies for use on a remote dwellings where it was not possible to supply from the mains supply due to the distances involved.
We designed and built this system combining iron and manganese reduction, colour removal as well as U.V sterilisation and sediment removal, all packaged into a waterproof heated housing. This allowed for quick and simple connection and commissioning once on site. 
We can also supply a range of cabinets for housing equipment suitable for many uses such as housing gas meters, electrical control panels, sampling kiosks and more.
All our cabinets have many options to help meet your requirements, from colours and textures to night latch locking and ply wood backboards, we are confident we can provide the ideal cabinet for your needs.
All our cabinets are constructed to the highest standards using Glass Replacement Plastic (GRP).
Water Softener System in cabinet
Single door GRP utility cabinet
Single Door GRP Utility Cabinet

Our single door cabinets offer quality small housing at an affordable price.
Available in a variety of sizes, colours and options.White resin internal finish.
Composite GRP construction.
Cylinder night latch locking.
Hasp and staple locking system.
Stainless steel door hinges.
Fire resistance up to 30 Mins.
Dust, liquid and impact protection.
Thermal insulation / Ventilation options
100ml flange bolted to concrete base
Double Door GRP Utility Cabinet
Our double door cabinets offer quality housing at an affordable price. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and options.
Our DCM cabinets can be fitted with removable panels as well as totally sealed panels for customers who need larger cabinets.
Available in a variety of colours.
White resin internal finish
Composite GRP construction
Cylinder night latch locking
Hasp and staple locking system
Stainless steel door hinges
Fire resistance up to 30 Mins
Dust, liquid and impact protection
Thermal insulation
Ventilation option
Double door GRP utility cabinet
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