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Cintropur UV Range

Cintropur U.V. Range

If your main water supply is from rainfall, bore water or spring water collected and stored in a tank (caravan & boats), then Cintropur UV is the best method to bring your water up to drinking standard.

  • Rainwater: UV-sterilization of rainwater will allow for a wider range of application and safe use.
  • Drilling water, boreholes: UV-sterilization of well water will prevent any pathogenic contamination.
  • Tap water: UV-sterilization of tap water will ensure premium quality water satisfying even the highest demands.
  • Spring water, surface water: UV-sterilization of such waters will provide constant water quality in terms of bacteriology.
  • Water stored in tanks (in caravans, boats, etc.) :UV-sterilization will preserve the healthiness of water kept in tanks.
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