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Discover the Cintropur TRIO-UV (Ultra Violet) Sterilization Unit 25W Water Filter

Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment is the most effective method of deactivating bacteria in home supplies. If your main water supply is from rainfall, bore water or spring water collected and stored in a tank, then this is the best method to bring your water up to drinking standard.

This particular disinfection method is known as one demolishing legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses and protozoa, while having no negative impacts on the environment. There are various possibilities of combining UV and mechanical filter.

1. Filters
The spiral structure of the filter generates a centrifugal force, which, in a cyclone effect, moves larger particles
towards the bottom of the bowl. The remaining contaminants are then subject to fine filtration adaptable to particular needs, with filtering fineness ranging from 5 to 25 microns.

2. Purifies
Treatment by activated carbon removes unpleasant tastes and odours, as well as pesticides and herbicides from the water. Activated carbon is contained in a separate holder for easy replacement The activated carbon media can easily be replaced by screwing off the top cover.

3. Sterilises
UVc water sterilisation to ensure the bacteria-free quality of water. Particularly well suited to the full treatment of rainwater.

Cintropur TRIO-UV
  • Cintropur TRIO - Filter, Purify and Sterilise all in one compact unit.
  • Flow rate - 2 m3/h
  • Max pressure - 16 bar
  • 3/4 + 1 connection diameter.
  • 4,3 kg weight
  • 50 C max temperature 
  • 25w lamp power
  • Easy replaced lamp -rotating the UV by 5 to remove the UV lamp and replace it with a new one.
  • Replacement lamp required every 12 months

The Cintropur Ultra Violet Water Filter


Cintropur is well known for the quality and resilience of its water treatment products. They are made with plastics guaranteed for perfectly hygienic use with drinking liquids. Their exclusive technical system guarantees permanent use in even the most demanding commercial environment. The Cintropur Trio UV model we offer works with 25watts. It ensures continuous water filtration thanks to an ultraviolet sterilisation module. This type of filtration is known to be the most effective when it comes to removing all traces of biological contaminants from drinking water. Whatever the source, the precious liquid becomes safe for consumption and use in the preparation of ready meals or for the careful cleaning of restaurant cutlery. From bacteria to amoeba, all microbiota are destroyed without causing negative environmental impacts. The residues that are removed do not cause any further contamination either. 

A sophisticated and effective technical solution 

The Cintropur Trio filter does not only rely on the use of ultraviolet radiation to purify the water. It is also equipped with filters whose spiral structure prevents larger particles from attaching to its membrane. They also cannot settle to the bottom of the filter bowl due to the centrifugal force generated by the structure. The structure must be adapted to your particular needs and adopt filter sizes between 5 and25 microns. Its exceptional filtration capacity is ideal even for use in the tropics. The activated carbon with which the filter is treated eliminates unpleasant odours and any trace of acidity that may be caused by water treatment products used upstream of the filter. This filtration equipment is capable of treating and operating at a maximum pressure of 16 bar. It weighs just over 4 kilos and can operate at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. Theultraviolet lamp must be replaced every year and can be handled even by anon-technician.

The most effective method of making water safe to drink.

Cintropur's water sterilisation equipment is one of the most effective ways of ensuring the drinkability of your daily drinking water. It is the succession of 3 treatment methods, filtering, activated carbon and then ultraviolet radiation, which ensures the total destruction of contaminants of biological and other origins. Spring water and even rainwater become perfectly drinkable. You can then store it in a tank, even on a long-term basis, after it leaves the device. In order to make this water even more pleasant to drink, please consult our specialists who will advise you on the purchase of your water softener. Drinking water that is pleasant to drink is a real business card, especially in certain regions or under tropical conditions.


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Cintropur TRIO-UV 25W Water Filter

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