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When you install a water treatment system, for sterilisation or softening, the quality of the system itself must be high, but this can be significantly reduced if the connections used are not appropriate. They must be perfectly adapted to the liquid inlet and outlet of the water softening or purification kit. The quality of the materials used in the connections must be impeccable, as this is an important factor in the hygiene that the treatment plant must provide. For this purpose, only metals treated against corrosion are recommended to convey and evacuate the water, especially if it is to be drinkable. When the water treatment system is inactive, deposits of microbiota and sediment can form on the internal linings of pipes made of poor quality materials. It is therefore very important to choose a water softener installation kit that is recommended by its manufacturer. Often the manufacturer makes the fittings to be used with the treatment system they sell. If you can't find one, feel free to browse through our online catalogue, which offers many quality water softener installation kits.

The best Stainless Steel Hose for your needs! 

What is the best Stainless Steel Hose or Installation Kit?

A water softener installation kit must include at least 2 hoses made of stainless steel. Only this type of material prevents microbial contamination and lime deposits that can impair the hygienic quality of your water softening system. Limescale deposits are known to increase the hardness of the water, making it unpalatable or even unfit for consumption. The same applies to the fittings that connect the stainless steel hoses to the water softening plant. From our online catalogue you can purchase the fitting separately from the hoses or as a complete kit. We recommend the latter option as it ensures that there are no surprises during installation. This is an ideal solution if you are doing the installation yourself. Remember to check that you have the necessary seals for the connection and to avoid water leaks.

Select the right model for your Water Softener

The fittings for the water supply and discharge generally comply with the standard one-inch size. This is equivalent to a metric size of 28 millimetres or 2.8 centimetres. However, some devices require 15 or 22 millimetre fittings. A complete kit includes the various stainless steel hoses needed for the connection, as well as shut-off valves that are used to control the supply of water on one side and the discharge on the other. You also need T-connectors to connect to the water softener container(s). The dimensions are also standardised. However, the length of the connection must be adapted to your softening system. Depending on the distance from your hard water source and the distance from your soft water outlet, you should choose a connection length of 80 to 1000 mm.

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