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  1. #Product Info#

    The Simplex Metered Commercial Water Softener 20-litre (1 inch connections)  is the smallest Simplex but can still accommodate a flow rate of 0.83 m/hour and a capacity of 3.3m.


    A single vessel system that is supplied with a meter controlled valve which means that the unit only regenerates based upon the volume of soft water used.

    Typical applications are where the usage per day has been estimated and does not vary hugely.

    These units are ideal where 24-hour soft water is NOT required.

    The volume of softened water is calculated by the hardness of your water supply, the capacity of the water softener and usage.
    Choose from the 20-litre, 30, 50, 60, 75, 100 & 125-litre Simplex Water Softeners depending on the required flow rate and soft water capacity.

    The Simplex Metered Commercial Water Softener (1 inch connections) is very economical when it comes to using salt and regeneration water.

    A Commercial Water Softener with excellent performance

    For commercial structures, as well as for some individuals with large water consumption needs, a Simplex Water Softener can be more than sufficient. The model we offer has a capacity of 20 litres and its connection corresponds to the one-inch standard. It is suitable for low to medium consumption, whether for a small shop, a small restaurant, a small business or a large household. As with all our water softener models we offer a flexible solution that aims to meet most needs for this range of equipment. Our Simplex Commercial Water Softener is offered in 5 different operating modes. It can be used with a capacity of 3.3 cubic metres and a flow rate of 0.8 cubic metres per hour. It can also be set to a capacity of 5 cubic metres and a flow rate of 1.2 cubic metres per hour, 8.3 cubic metres with a capacity of 2 cubic metres per hour or even with a capacity of 10 cubic metres at a flow rate of 2.43 cubic metres per hour. Finally, for the highest consumption, this model is capable of being set to a capacity of 12.5 cubic metres with a flow rate of 3 cubic metres per hour or a capacity of 17 cubic metres with a flow rate of 4 cubic metres per hour.

    Meeting your needs at all times

    Despite its capacity of only 20 litres, our simplex water softener can be used effectively in a commercial environment. This is because its controller allows it to regenerate only part of the water it will soften. This programming capability organizes the water softening according to your actual water consumption. In addition to this pre-programmed volume, the softening control mechanism adapts its operating capabilities to the hardness of your water. This ensures that you always have soft water quality without running your softening system at full capacity all the time.

    Inexpensive equipment you can't live without

    Our Commercial Simplex Water Softening system meets the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses and shops. Purchase directly from our website using a 100% secure Sage Pay or Paypal credit card payment method. Do not hesitate to contact us during the week to benefit from the advice of our specialists. Remember that for its proper functioning it is recommended to use our original spare parts, especially the water distribution hoses and the regulation valves.

  2. #Spec & Diagram#

    CW20 Simplex Metered Water Softener Specifications

    Resin Volume :  20
     Vessel:  8x35"
     Flow : 0.8m
    Peak Flow : 1.2 m
     Capacity  3.3m @ 300ppm 
     Valve Type  : WS1
     Salt : 3kg
     Vessel Valve Height (H1) : 1078mm
    Connection Height (H2) : 944mm
    Brine Tank Height (H3) : 450mm

    Vessel Width (D1) : 215mm
     Brine Tank Width (D2) : 320mm x 320mm (
    square tank)

  3. #Spec & Install Instructions#   



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Simplex Metered Commercial Water Softener 20-litre (1inch) Flow 0.8m3/HR / Capacity 3.3 m3

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