Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters

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The SITA HDPE UV Range is the best solution for corrosive liquids and sea water. The UV reactor is made of a non-corrosive plastic : HDPE (high density polyethylene). Vertical and horizontal mounting and easy maintenance.

Applications suitable for - 

Naval Industry
Swimming Pools

Both fresh or sea water can be treated with a SITA UV.

The HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE UV chambers is guaranteed  a long life despite the corrosive sea water, and thermal water

Excellent disinfection guaranteed by high UV-C outputs lamps

Vertical and horizontal mounting and easy maintenance.

FLOW RATE: from 5 to 980 m3/h

LAMP LIFE : 9,000 - 16,000 hours

LAMPS: low pressure high efficiency and amalgam lamps (14.000 hrs)

UV CHAMBER MATERIAL: High density Polyethylene (HDPE)

UV DOSE: 400 J/m2

MAX PRESSURE: 4 or 6 bar

Electrical Control

The ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANELS OF THE HDPE RANGE have been supplied with a microprocessor which, besides carrying out the starting of the system, continually controls its conditions.

They are supplied, according to the models, with:

* control of the general working by programmable micro-processor
* plant working hour-meter
* resettable lamp working hour-meter
* check that the lamps are working properly
* monitoring the temperature inside the electrical panel
* touch screen programmable multi-function display
* memory blocking of the identity number of any faulty lamp
* RS port for PC connection
* visual alarm for faults
* monitoring of temperature and irradiation, with pre-set alarm thresholds
* remote access via App or web

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