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Spectrum Bag Filtration & Housing

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Spectrum Bag Filtration & Housing

For years, bag filtration has been used as the most economic method of removing bulk particulate. With such traditional applications still demanding consistent performance and an increase in processes of a more critical nature, an expanded bag range has evolved.

The SPECTRUM range of economic bag filters in polypropylene, polyester and nylon, offered with heavy-duty double stitching, are the affordable, reliable and consistent filter of choice.

A polypropylene neck ring, offering great chemical compatibility, is becoming the new standard across the range, replacing the galvanized carbon steel ring of old. The ring, which is sewn into the media forms a bag opening with the seam similarly stitched creating a strong product capable of high flow and high dirt holding. Where the polypropylene ring is unsuitable for the application, a 304 stainless steel ring is available. A single fabric handle across the diameter of the neck aids easy removal.

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