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C.T.U - Calcium Treatment Unit

C.T.U - Calcium Treatment Unit

Calcium Treatment Units (CTUs) consist of a top quality resin vessel containing a de-alk resin which assist in the removal of chlorine, limescale, heavy metals - lead, copper, mercury & prolongs equipment and and reduces equipment breakdown frequency. The units also contain activated carbon for removal of taste and odours that often affect beverage equipment results.

The media within the vessel will need exchanging once its capacity has been exhausted. To prevent unnecessary changes all units are supplied with a water usage meter and connection hoses as standard.

Sizes range from 3,300 litres to 20,000 litres. Larger, bespoke units can be supplied to suit your needs.

Some of our most popular sizes are CTU10 = size 2, CTU18 = size 3 and CTU23 = size 3a.

We are fast becoming one of the largest suppliers of these units in the UK and are offering baged or mixed resin to allow customers the flexibility to make the changeovers themselves - no more waiting for an engineer to exchange your resin!

CTU for Combi Ovens            Glass Washer Water Softener          Water Softener for Coffee Machines
CTU / Water Softener for Ice Machines          Replacement CTU Resin

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