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Calcium Treatment Unit - Glass Washing

Glass Washer Water Softener

Combination Softener & Polishers -Soften and polish water in one unit - glass washing with unbelievable results.

Limescale is a persistent problem in glass and ware washing, reducing the efficiency of Cleaning Chemicals, affect the heating of water and slow down the operation of the machine. In the instance of glass and dish washing, Scale can also be an aesthetic problem, leaving streaks and 'milky' marks on otherwise clean glasses and dishes.
Soften & polish water in one unit. For glass washing with unbelievable results
    Sparkling Glasses - Glass washer water softener
A solution where all other options have failed - Sparkling glasses without

The resin within the system reduces "total dissolved solids" (t.d.s) by a factor of approximately 10.

These Water Polishers are designed to be installed after a softener & the capacity will be reduced if they are not supplied with softened water. Likewise the results from the polisher will not provide the same results if the glass washer has an inbuilt softener as the reduced t.d.s will be increased by the softener.

We offer a range of Polishing C.T.U unit to meet requirements.

Polishing units are of the same design and appearance as our hugely popular C.T.U range, we will offer these in the "size 2” and "size 3” options to avoid excessive exchange frequency.

Size 2:Capacity of 7,000 litres approx, (225 mm dia, 500mm high), 2 port head.

Size 3-Capacity of 14,000 litres approx, (270mm dia, 650mm high), 2 port head.

The resin within the system reduces the "total dissolved solids” (t.d.s) by a factor of approx 10 and will have the life expectancy of similar to the C.T.U's, however this is dependant upon the incoming t.d.s. levels.

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