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Domestic Water Softeners

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Description of the Domestic Water Softeners

For over 50 years, Fountain Softeners has been supplying water softeners, water softener salt, water filters, filter cartridges and replacement filters to thousands of customers across the UK and Europe.  

We know that getting the right water softener is an important decision for our customers - so we like to take the time to get to know you so that we can provide you with the right advice on which water softener will suit your needs and budget. 

Visit the site to browse our wide selection of water softeners or call us now on
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Water Softener Benefitsofteners: Saving You Money 

Softened water saves you time and money studies by the British Water Quality Group show that water softening can save a 4-person household an average of £200 per year.

Hard water contains dissolved lime, chalk and other minerals and quickly causes scale to form on all surfaces which come into contact with it, from sinks and toilets to shower heads and taps. The unseen and potentially more costly examples of hard water are clogged pipes and failure of central heating elements/pumps.

British Water's Quality Group estimate that just 1.5mm of scale reduces the efficiency of your boiler by almost 10%.

In addition, you will use less detergents, soaps, and other cleaning chemicals as the water will lather using smaller quantities. Softened water will eliminate the build-up of limescale in your pipes and on heating elements found in dishwashers and washing machines, leading to fewer expensive engineer call-outs and spare parts.

Once you have had a water softener installed, you will never want to be without one!

Why not find the right water softener for your family?

The Health benefits of a Water Softener

Once installed the benefits of your water softener will be immediate.
  • Your shampoo will lather up really easily when washing your hair and will leave your hair feeling and looking fabulous
  • Softened water can leave your skin feeling, smooth glowing and healthy
  • Softened water can clear up minor skin problems such as irritation and dryness

Fountain Online 

You never need to be without the consumables you need - replacement filter cartridges, water softener salt.

On this website you've got instant access to salt and consumable ordering. We are also able to offer by email special offers and system service reminders.

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Domestic Water Softeners