Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters

Domestic Water Softeners

AF110 - HW500 Non Electric Softener
Ideal for heavy usage dishwashers or multiple items from a single softened feed.    

Designed for cold water use only.

Homewater 500,
 supplying unlimited softened water, using either tablet or block salt.

 Height -  Softener - 500mm,   Cabinet - 390mm
 Depth -   Softener - 440mm,   Cabinet - 440mm
 Width -   Softener - 250mm,   Cabinet - 250mm

 Max Flow Rate - 80 litres per minute
 Inlet/outlet - 3/4  or 1 bsp

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Domestic Water Softeners
For over 50 years, Fountain Softeners has been supplying domestic water softeners, water softener salt, water filters, filter cartridges and replacement filters to thousands of customers across the UK and Europe.