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Product Description | Private Water Supply Nitrate Reduction System 25-litre

High levels of nitrates in water are dangerous (legal limit in potable water is 50mg/l). A nitrate reduction system is made up of a high quality vessel filled with nitrate selective resin with a multi-port valve on the top. The nitrate rich water passes over a resin where the nitrate is exchanged for chloride ions. Periodically this nitrate needs to be removed by regenerating with salt. As the nitrate levels vary from month to month a time based regeneration system is recommended.

This range is housed in a compact one piece cabinet which also serves as the salt reservoir.

The final figure given in m3 is the capacity of the unit assuming a nitrate level of 50 ppm (the capacity is the volume of water that can be treated between regenerations).

 Footprint sizes are approximate. 

Nitrate Reduction System 25 Litre Flow Rate 1.0 M/HR

£ 675.00