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Product Description | 50-litre Juraperle pH Neutralisation System

This is the Juraperle option which is a granular media made up of 99.4% calcium carbonate. It has a superior performance to limestone due to its micro-crystalline structure. It dissolves very slowly, is free from soluble constituents and has a low silica content. Juraperle media is dissolved into the water as part of the correction process and the system will therefore require topping up with media, normally on an annual basis.

Water with a pH below 7 is acidic and corrosive. Raising the pH will neutralise the water, removing the metallic taste and pipe corrosion, and this system can also help reduce any iron or manganese contamination.
The backwashing head has the advantage of remixing the media and removing any debris or iron/manganese. Backwashing the units stops the media compressing and prevents it from going hard which can happen with the simple in & out systems.

This pH neutralisation unit is supplied programmed and in kit form for shipping. Some assembly will be required.



pH Neutralisation System 50 litre Flow Rate 0.7 M/HR

Juraperle & Juraperle/Corrosex mixes available
PH Neutralisation System 1 :
£ 332.50