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Cintropur NW340 1 micron filter sleeve - 1 pack (5 sleeves per pack)

  • 1 micron

    Used where very high levels of filtration are required, typically food and beverage applications, bottling plants etc.

    Not recommended to be used without pre-filtration.

    1 micron equals 0.00001 meter or 1 millionthof a meter.The narrower the weave, the less particles will go through thesleeve.

    Disposable Sleeves:
    1 micron - 5 microns - 25 microns - 50microns - 100 microns

    Washable Sleeves:

    150 microns - 300 microns


    It is therefore advisable to use two orthree filtration levels when water is highly contaminated with plant debris andgravel, to prevent rapid clogging of the sleeve.

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Cintropur NW340 Filter Sleeves - 1 micron - 1 pack

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NW340 Filter Sleeves :
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