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Cintropur Lamp & Filter Sleeves

Cintropur Lamp & Filter Sleeves

Cintropur filter systems are aimed at removing solid particles such as earth, sand, rust and moulds from water supplies. Cinropur Filter Sleeves come in packs of 5. 

The Cintropur range is capable of filtering particles from 300 microns down to as fine as one micron in size. The low maintenance costs are a key selling point. The Cintropur filter sleeve is a very low cost replaceable item, so filter maintenance is a simple process and replacement costs are low.

The following micron sizes and their uses are: 
1 micron 

Typical use: Used where very high levels of filtration are required, typically food and beverage applications, bottling plants etc.

Not recommended to be used without prefiltration.
5 microns and 10 microns

Typical use: the 5 micron and 10 micron sleeve is highly recommended for an efficient protection of ultrafiltration, nano and osmosis membranes. The final user will also use this size to retain smallest particles on the public water mains. 

25 microns

Typical use: it is the standard size that is sold with all Cintropur filters when you place an order. It is a good choice for retaining all particles on rainwater harvesting, drilling and well waters. You can also use this size on  the public water mains or even before a UV sterilization device.

50 and 100 microns

       Typical use: Will also be used to protect public water mains, drilling and well water.

150 and 300 microns

       Typical use: These are made of nylon and are thus washable. The main uses are the irrigation and spraying applications.

Cintropur UV Replacement Lamps and Sleeves
Cintropur UV Replacement Bulbs, Lamps and Quartz Sleeves for Cintropur UV 2100, Duo-UV, Trio-UV, UV 2000, UV 10000
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