Commercial Water Softeners, UV Water Treatment and Cintropur Water Filters
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Commercial & Industrial Water Softeners


Commercial Water Softener for Soft water in all situations

Whether you need a commercial water softener or an industrial water softener, consult GMAutoflow's online catalogue to find the model best suited to your needs. It is clear that the quality of water is becoming more important all the time.

Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Why use a water softener?

This is a real problem that both commercial and industrial companies must address in order to maintain their competitive edge. Indeed, for commercial companies, clean and fresh water is a real calling card recognised by customers. The quality of the water is very important for the consumer, it is synonymous with hygiene and pleasure of consumption. For industrial companies, water that is too hard can cause serious problems for the production of equipment. This can be jeopardised by machines whose wear and tear is accelerated by the hardness of the water. Hard water can also mean poor machining of certain parts. Therefore, for both commercial and industrial companies, soft water is a strategic resource of choice.

What Commercial Water Softener System should I use? 

The water softeners we sell are manufactured by the leading brands. They meet all the needs expressed by our customers throughout our years of experience in the water treatment market. Depending on your needs, you can choose between several treatment capacities. We have models that use 10, 15 or 20 litre capacity softening containers and have a standard one inch connection system. A water softener with a capacity of 10 litres can serve the needs of about 4 people, a water softener with a capacity of 15 litres can serve about 10 consumers, etc. For larger treatment capacities we recommend the use of simplex or duplex water softeners, using 1 or 2 containers, and equipped with a regulation system that optimises the softening process thanks to a timer and the detection by precise metering of the capacity already treated and used.

Hot water, cold water and even without electricity!

Our water softeners are suitable for the treatment of cold and hot water. We offer very small models for personal consumption and can be carried on board. We even offer a model that does not use electricity. Instead, it is based on incoming water pressure and can guarantee consistent results. They are particularly used for medium-sized installations that treat hot water. The combination of capacities, water temperatures and types of operation allow us to meet all your specific needs. If necessary, please contact our water softening specialists by email or phone. They will guide you to the model(s) that best suit your projects.

Make sure to browse our Cintropur range or our UV disinfection range for more solutions!

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