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SL160 Replacement Parts

Cintropur Wall Mounting Bracket - NW18/25/32 & SL160/SL240
Strong Stainless Steel Wall Mounting Bracket for securely fixing the filters models - NW18/25/32 & SL160/240
£ 15.78
In Stock
Cintropur Filter Support - NW18 & SL160
Cintropur Replacement Filter Support suitable for models NW18 & SL160
£ 17.75
In Stock
Cintropur Replacement Vane - NW18/25/32 & SL160/240 Vane
Replacement Top Centrifugal Vane for the filters models - NW18/25/32 & SL160/240
£ 2.50
In Stock
Cintropur Housing Spanner - SL160/SL240
Filter Housing Spanner - SL160/SL240 Filter Systems
£ 6.95
In Stock